"I appreciate the health this will promote for me as a practitioner.
Learning a new and different approach to stroking the body is what I needed. Thank you."
Nancy Franta, Mesa AZ

"I really liked Carrie's enthusiasm and love of the work; it is contagious.
Her ability to dance through the work is appealing and helpful to get the rhythm of the work."
Dorothy Sorn, Tempe, AZ

"Carrie is an awesome teacher and therapist. Her awareness about the importance of integrating breath and movement (for the therapist) added with her encouragement for us to dance really improved my capacity to "get it".
Dawn Denzin, Phoenix, AZ

"The best way to describe Carrie's Lomi-Lomi massage is AN ENTIRE BODY FULL OF SPARKLES!!! Your mind is set into a trance like state with the rhythmic motions that cover the full spectrum of the body at once- it all flows together. At times she'll use her elbows, arms, knees and feet to apply the perfect amount of pressure where needed- isolating different muscles and meridian points. However it is the subtle energetic nature of her work that really sets her massage apart from any other massage I have ever received.
For the right balance of nurture, strength, healing and sparkle I would recommend that everyone try a Carrie Lomi-Lomi massage at least once.
(You'll get hooked!)"
Danielle Bisutti
Actress, Singer-Songwriter, Massage Therapist
Santa Monica CA

"I felt so thoroughly loved, nurtured, invigorated and deeply relaxed, it was as if all stops or blocks to feeling 100% alive had been melted and drained away. Even though I live in a community of body-workers I rarely feel this thoroughly addressed in my whole body; physically and emotionally. I got loved up literally from head to toe."
Richard Bock
Watsu and Waterdance instructor Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown CA




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