Carrie Rowell

Carrie Rowell spent her childhood in Honolulu and has been fascinated by all aspects of the Hawaiian culture ever since.

For over 20 years she has studied various forms of sacred dance and movement including Hula, Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Ballet, Chi Kong, Tai Chi and other types of spontaneous healing movement. She applies the beneficial techniques learned from these related arts into her bodywork therapy.

Her world travels lead her to perform, dance and teach all over the world in countries such as England, Scotland, Australia, New Zeland, Canada,The Netherlands and the U.S.

Her gift for intuitive bodywork and dance are a perfect match for the ancient healing art of lomi lomi. As a child she knew that practicing the healing arts was going to be her life's focus.

Living in Hawaii she studied with some of the most respected kupuna in lomi lomi and assisted in teaching workshops in various aspects of Hawaiian culture including traditional ritual, awa ceremony and lomi lomi.

She is trained in many modalities of bodywork such as Swedish, Cranial-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Pregnancy Massage and is a licensed massage therapist and DONA certified birth doula.

Since 1998 she has traveled all over the world teaching lomi lomi massage, sacred dance and healing and empowerment workshops for women.

She is an continuing education provider with the NCBTMB in the US as well as the Complementary Therapists Association in the UK and the Australian AAMT and Massage New Zealand.

Currently living and practicing on the Island of Hawai'i, she is the author of two instructional dvds and is also available for group and private spa workshops.


What Lomi Lomi Means to Me

My introduction to Lomi Lomi was a huge affirmation of everything that I thought massage should be. It is a sacred journey both for the person receiving as well as the person giving the massage. Lomi Lomi is a fluid, nurturing dance that fuses two bodies into one.

As the rhythm changes and relaxation becomes surrender, a shift takes place. Time and space are mutable and the breath dictates how and where the energy moves. I have come out of a 4-hour session completely unaware that I had been working that long and feeling fully energized.

This work has profound effects on people’s lives. Especially with regards to how they relate to themselves and in effect, how they relate to everyone around them. It is love in its purest undiluted essence.
Whether I am teaching a workshop or offering a treatment, I prepare the space and myself as I would a temple to divinity.

Every session is unique and catered to each person in the moment. Even if I work with someone 100 times they never get the same massage twice. Lomi Lomi is a flow, not a routine and that is what I try to convey when I teach. I want to help people realize their inner strength and guidance and remember how to use their tools to heal themselves and other people.

It is my intention that people walk away from a session or seminar feeling empowered and wanting to take steps to better themselves, knowing that they have just taken the first one. It is my greatest joy and deepest wish to share this gift with as many people as I can.





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